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Chirping Mania at The Villa Estate

10 May 2021

In Loving Memory of Jan Grondelaers (10.05.1920 – 12.03.1997)

Escape to ‘Private World’ of The Lombok Lodge Villa Estate, where beautiful Rice Paddies, stunning Mountains Views, Fresh Sea Breezes and the Sparkling Waters of the Ocean greet you. From Sunrise to Sunset, Authentic & Unforgettable. Lombok at its Purest!

Visiting beautiful Lombok, you will see many bird-cages hanging in people’s houses in Lombok villages. For decades, Indonesians have kept birds, which have come to signify status and peace of mind. A third of households in Indonesia are thought to keep birds as pets, according to a study by Oxford University researchers.

Songbird contests, a phenomenon known as Kicau-mania / Chirping Mania, are also hugely popular in Indonesia. Weekly kicauan contests offer winners the chance to take home up to several thousand dollars. Through transmigration programs many Javanese people have spread across Indonesia, and they introduced bird keeping to local people. One type of bird that is favored by many chirping mania is the Blue Shawl Bird.

Did you know that every Villa at The Estate is home to two beautiful ‘Tledeken Laut’ Birds / Blue Shawl Birds?
Allow us to introduce you – ‘Don, Doni & Dest’ – the three ‘Sea Tledekans’ of ‘Villa Dua’ – the very first Villa, now fully operational, at The Lombok Lodge Private Villa Estate #LombokAtItsPurest



The Sea Tledekan (Cyanoptila Cyanomelana) is a bird member of the Muscicapidae Family. These birds have many fans. Apart from their melodious chirp, the beauty of their soft feathers and beautiful colors is also one of the advantages of birds from the Muscicapidae family.

The Blue Sea Tledekan has an extremely beautiful feather color which will attract you attention when you see it. A light ocean blue color on the fur with a mixture of grayish white. A perfect match, and the more the only colored accent within the contemporary grey interiors of the Beach Villas of The Estate.

The Sea Tledekan Bird has a distinctive style and even intelligence, that is it can mimic the tones of sound emitted by other types of birds. A great voice including sweet, loud singing, descending, then going up again. The ‘Blue Bird’ is often called the distillate of the sea, because the birds’ melodious chirp is similar to the sound of a flute.

Caring for the Blue Shawl is certainly not careless. However, how to care for blue shawl birds is fairly easy. If the Blue Shawl Bird is cared properly, the bird will be healthier and chirping diligently. This type of bird is a fighting bird, so proper care is needed so that the fight is more stable.



The two birds at your Private Villa will bathed every morning by spraying them with a spray.

After daily bathed, the births at your Villa will be drying in about 1-2 hours when the sun is really bright.

Food includes small invertebrates, principally beetles, also small amounts of fruit.

At early dawn and again at dusk. Rarely during the day. Reputedly one of the best singing Birds.



Unless you’ve kept pet birds before, it’s difficult to imagine just how much both ‘Tledekan Laut’s can bring to you during your stay at The Lombok Lodge Private Villa Estate. These intelligent and beautiful holiday companion birds will reward you in so many wonderful ways. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways that having a birds can benefit your holiday

It is truly is a lovely feeling to hear your birds greet you when you come ‘home’ after a beach day at ‘Bagno Di Gili’ or when you get up in the morning. Talking to and playing with your villa birds is a great way to help lower your stress levels and your blood pressure. It’s the same with any pet, but you have the added benefit with birds of being able to just sit there and enjoy their beautiful singing.

Come and experience the feeling yourself. ‘…Stay Where The World Can’t Find You…’ #TheLombokLodgePrivateVillaEstate #LombokAtItsPurest



In loving memory of Jan Grondelaers (10.05.20 – 12.03.97) – One of the greatest connoisseurs of all time in Bird Sport.

In an outstanding career with a 1,000 first prizes, 40 provincial victories and national triumphs, Jan Grondelaers is to be presented as the undoubtable national victor of bird sport, in particular Pigeon Sport. ‘Strong Jan’ won about everything there was to win. He bred numerous cracks and made hundreds, if not thousands of people the happiest and luckiest bird fanciers in the world.

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