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Rijsttafel Unveiled: A Culinary Adventure You Don’t Want to Miss

7 November 2023

From Colonial Roots to Contemporary Delights: The Story of Rijsttafel
Discover a unique way to Explore and Savor the Complexity and Depth of Indonesian Cuisine.


The Indonesian Rijsttafel Experience, also known as Rijsttafel (pronounced “rice-tah-fell”), is a Dutch-Indonesian culinary tradition that originated during the colonial period when Indonesia was a Dutch colony. The term “Rijsttafel” translates to “rice table” in Dutch, and it refers to a lavish meal consisting of a wide variety of small, flavorful dishes served with rice.

A classic Indonesian Rijsttafel Experience typically includes an assortment of Indonesian dishes, such as Satay (skewered and grilled meat or poultry), Rendang (spicy beef stew), Sambal (spicy chili condiment), various vegetable dishes, fried or steamed Fish, Prawns, and more. These dishes showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Indonesian cuisine, which can be spicy, sweet, sour, and savory, all in one meal.


The unique Rijsttafel experience we serve at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality is a Communal Dining Experience, served Family-Style, with multiple dishes presented simultaneously. The idea is to provide a taste of various Indonesian flavors and ingredients in a single meal, allowing diners to sample and enjoy a wide range of dishes. A celebratory way to enjoy Indonesian cuisine, not to be missed while staying with us!


Book one of our Package Retreats in addition to the accommodation of your choice and explore the Flavors of Indonesia while enjoying my Rijsttafel Experience, one of your retreat inclusions.

Jiwa Raga ⠀
Executive Chef at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality ®




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