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Travelling to Lombok in Corona Times

Travelling to Lombok in Corona Times

17 April 2021

Last Updated 3th of May 2021 at 8:00 am (GMT +8)
Please note that this page will continue to be updated with the latest information.

May 03th, 2021

To make your stay as comfortable and easy as possible during this Pandemic, COVID Rapid and/or Antigen Tests are available at The Lombok Lodge. A Super Easy 5-Minutes Process prior to your departure, available at IDR 350K++, price per person. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

Genose C19 tests are available at Lombok Airport at IDR 40K++. We expect to have Genose C19 tests soon available at The Lodge, however at this stage unfortunately not yet.

The Lombok Lodge is 100% operational during this Pandemic. Both restaurants are open and we are offering all experiences as described at our website. The entire team has been vaccinated once, and most of our team members have been vaccinated twice already.

Kindly be aware of the current regulations regarding ‘Mudik Travel’ to/from Lombok
Applicable for Travel from April, 22nd till May, 24th 2021 – Read more >

March 29, 2021

In his recent visit to Bali, President Joko Widodo shared his thoughts that if the covid-19 pandemic spread is under control, Bali might restart the tourism in June or July 2021. The plan is opening parts of Indonesia to foreign tourists in mid 2021!

Officials are already working hard on setting up a travel corridor program that may allow us to see foreign tourists visiting Indonesia (Bali) by the middle of this year, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno has announced.

This new timeline is a lot sooner than the previous one of April 2022.

Sandiaga in a statement explained that this travel corridor arrangement will be agreed with the countries that have successfully contained the spread of corona virus with high vaccination rates and can offer mutual benefits. China, Netherlands, UAE and Singapore are the countries that are being considered at the moment.
Read more >

December 23, 2020

Important update for foreign travelers entering Indonesia from abroad between 22/12/2020 and 14/01/2021, with full application from 24/12/2020:
1. Foreign travelers from the United Kingdom cannot enter Indonesia.
2. All travelers from Europe and Australia entering Indonesia must be able to present a negative PCR test on departure that is max. 2×24 hours old on departure.
3. At the time of entry, a new PCR test will be taken for each traveler.
3a. In case of negative result: Foreign travelers entering Indonesia will have to go into quarantine for 5 days in a hotel designated by the government at their own expense.
3b. If the result is positive: Foreign travelers are admitted to hospital at their own expense.
4.  In case of negative result and after 7 days quarantine, a second test will be taken. If it is negative, the traveler can leave the quarantine.

December 20, 2020

The Covid-19 Task Force Tightens Citizen Mobility During Christmas Holidays
The Covid-19 Handling Task Force issued a circular regulating health protocols during the Christmas and New Year holidays for domestic and foreign travelers.

Spokesperson for the Covid 19 Handling Task Force, Wiku Adisasmito, said this provision was part of an effort to tackle transmission. Previous holiday experiences, he said, were always followed by an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 transmission in various parts of Indonesia.

Valid from 19 December to 8 January 2021 include the obligation to carry out health protocols for travelers with 3 main points:

First, every individual traveling on a person must apply and comply with 3M’s health protocols, which are wearing a mask, keeping your distance and avoiding crowds, and washing your hands with soap or using a handsanitizer.

Second, the tightening of health protocols along the way that needs to be done is the use of masks that must properly cover the nose and mouth with a type of 3 layer cloth mask or medical mask.
It is prohibited to eat and drink during the flight for a trip of less than 2 hours, except for individuals who are required to take medication for their safety and health.

Third, domestic travelers must follow a number of conditions:
a. Every individual who travels with a private or public vehicle is responsible for his / her health, and is subject to and obeying the applicable terms and conditions

b. For trips to Bali Island, travelers using air transportation are required to show a negative result certificate using the RT-PCR test no later than 7 x 24 hours before departure as a travel requirement and fill out Indonesia’s e-HAC.
Meanwhile, travelers using land or sea transportation modes, both private and public, are required to show a negative result certificate using the antigen rapid test no later than 3 x 24 hours before departure as a travel requirement and fill out Indonesia’s e-HAC;

c. For trips from and to Java Island as well as inside Java (between provinces / districts / cities), travelers using air and intercity rail transportation are required to show a negative result using an antigen rapid test no later than 3 x 24 hours before departure. as a travel requirement. For travelers using land transportation, both private and public, are advised to use a rapid antigen test no later than 3 x 24 hours before departure as a travel requirement. Completion of e-HAC Indonesia is mandatory for travelers using all modes of public and private transportation, except for rail transportation modes.

d. Children under 12 years of age are not required to take the RT-PCR test or the rapid antigen test as a condition of travel.

e. Routine trips on the island of Java with sea transportation modes that aim to serve limited inter-island or inter-domestic port locations within an agglomeration area or by land transportation, both private and public within an urban agglomeration area (Jabodetabek), are not required to show a result of a rapid antigen test result as a requirement travel.

f. In certain circumstances related to the provisions in point d and point e, the Regional COVID-19 Handling Task Force can carry out a random test (random test) rapid test antigen or RT-PCR if needed.

g. Apart from the provisions of points b and c regarding Java and Bali, antibody rapid tests may still be used according to existing regulations.

h. If the traveler’s rapid antigen or antibody test results are nonreactive / negative but show symptoms, then the traveler may not continue the journey and are required to carry out RT-PCR diagnostic tests and self-isolation during the waiting time for the examination results;

i. Travel using the sea transportation mode follows the applicable policies, except for trips to and from the island of Bali which are required to use a rapid antigen test.

j. Ministries / institutions / regional apparatuses that carry out functions related to land / sea / air / rail transportation follow up this Circular Letter by issuing legal instruments with reference to this Circular Letter and applicable laws and regulations.

Similar provisions also apply to international travelers during the Christmas and New Year holidays.
Foreign travelers are required to show negative RT-PCR test results in the country of origin and it is valid for 3 x 24 hours from the time it is issued into e-HAC Indonesia.

September 28, 2020
Electronic Health Alert Card (E-HAC).
For those who plan to enter Indonesia and/or have domestic flights, you are required to fill a Health Alert Card from the Indonesian Ministry of Health. Manual filling is no longer available, therefore we suggest using E-HAC (Electronic Health Alert Card) that can be accessed
– at the Ministry of Health of RI official website >
– by downloading the E-HAC Application from Apple App Store >
– by downloading the E-HAC Application from Android Play Store >

E-HAC filling is a very easy process, available in English and in Bahasa, and can be done before you travel, during the departure or during the arrival process before the Port Health Authority (KKP) checkpoint.

August 22, 2020
Mount Rinjani National Park – ‘CHSE’ APPROVED by NTB!
Mount Rinjani National Park had obtained a clean, healthy, safe and environmental (CHSE) certificate from NTB deputy governor #SittiRohmi, meaning that the tourist destination had passed the Health Protocol-Implementation Test

August 13, 2020
Lombok is a perfect choice for For Residents of Indonesia & KITAS/KITAP Holders during these challenging times!
The ocean is crystal clear and unlike any you’ve seen – it’s Paradise! The waves are fantastic and there are only very few people on the island – we have more turtles on the island than tourists!

July 13, 2020
Boats will run every Monday and Friday! We are happy to assist you and book the tickets on your behalf. Guests will require a valid negative rapid test before being permitted to travel. If you need help with your rapid test – we’ve got you covered. Pre-Departure Rapid tests are available as well on-site at the BlueWaterExpress Departure Lounge. #Approximately20minutes #IDR150K

June 28, 2020
Great news for Residents of Indonesia & KITAS/KITAP Holders! Only a quick 10-minutes COVID-19 RAPID-Test – IDR 850k per person – is required for flights to Lombok by Lion, Batik & Air Asia. Starting today (27/06), the RAPID-test will be valid for 14 DAYS! Previously, travellers needed to present a certificate of a rapid test that had been done in the previous three days up to departure. * We would be happy to assist you in organising your personal RAPID-Test near your home address! More exciting news for Residents of Indonesia & KITAS/KITAP Holders: AIRASIA is Back! Route Lombok-Jakarta-Lombok – Starting 1st of July I Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday!

June 19, 2020
North Lombok Regency Free From Corona! Now Green Zone Status!
The status of North Lombok Regency is now ‘GREEN ZONE’, based on the Press Release – dated 18th of June – submitted by the Task Force for Handling Covid-19 West Nusa Tenggara Province. The West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) provincial government announced that tourism areas of #GiliTrawangan, #GiliMeno, #GiliAir in North Lombok Regency are ready to welcome tourists starting June 20, 2020. Following the reopening of the Gili Islands, the government will allow hiking activities in Mount Rinjani starting June 30, 2020. Source: @tempodotco

June 18, 2020
Now, all Residents of Indonesia & KITAS/KITAP Holders can fly again to Lombok! This new policy is contained in Circular Letter (SE) of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 No. 7/2020 on Travel Criteria and Requirements for People in the Adaptation Period of New Habits Towards Covid-19 Productive and Safe Communities.
Unlike the previous regulation, which only allows certain people with special needs who can travel by airplane, all Residents of Indonesia & KITAS/KITAP Holders can travel now to Lombok. As long as You Comply with the Health Protocols. Requirements or documents that must be completed by Residents of Indonesia & KITAS/KITAP Holders to be able to fly to Lombok include:
– Show identification (KTP or other valid identification)
– Show a PCR test certificate with a negative result that is valid for 7 days or a certificate of rapid test with non-reactive results that are valid for 3 days upon departure.

June 7, 2020
It’s wonderful to see “The Great Lockdown” finally relaxing. Step by step, Indonesia is finding ‘The New Normal’. International Flights to/from Indonesia are available, however, there are still strong restrictions on the visit of Foreign Citizens. Limited Domestic Flights between Bali and Lombok are available by Garuda Airlines, however, currently, a negative COVID-19 test and a recommendation from your company is required as only people with special needs are allowed to travel. We all hope the situation will be more flexible mid June 2020.
We will keep you posted!

May 31, 2020
Lombok airport will be open for a limited number of hours each day, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, and flights are limited. Flights are available between Bali & Lombok by Garuda Airlines, however only for people with specials needs / flights for health care or medical evacuation. Arriving passengers must show proof of a negative PCR swab test valid for 7 days at the time of travel. This situation is subject to change. The same rules apply for passengers on local ferries arriving at Lembar and Kayangan Ports on Lombok.

May 20, 2020
At this stage, 8 people from North Lombok (1 from Pemenang, 1 from Tanjung, and 6 from Bayan District) were confirmed positive for Covid-19.
Over the entire island of Lombok, there are 188 confirmed Covid-19 cases.

April 30, 2020
At this stage, 8 people from North Lombok (1 from Pemenang, 1 from Tanjung, and 6 from Bayan District) were confirmed positive for Covid-19.
Over the entire island of Lombok, there are 166 confirmed Covid-19 cases.

April 24, 2020
Indonesia suspends all passenger travel to prevent Ramadan Exodus.
The Transportation Ministry will restrict all passenger travel starting on Friday 24th of April as the government attempts to prevent citizens from participating in the annual Idul Fitri tradition of Mudik (exodus) to curb the spread of COVID-19. The ministry’s air transportation director general, Novie Riyanto, said all passenger transportation to domestic and overseas destinations – both commercial and chartered flights – would be suspended starting Friday at midnight until June 1. Passenger transportation by sea will be suspended until June 8 2020. Read More >

April 01, 2020
The Government of Indonesia has decided to temporarily ban foreigners from 2 April 2020 until the Covid-19 pandemic is declared complete by the Indonesian authorities. This ban is to apply to all foreigners with the exception of the following categories:
1. Temporary residence permit holders (ITAS) or permanent residence permits (ITAP)
2. holders of diplomatic visas or service
3. Humanitarian staff years in the medical and food sector
4. Crews (air, road and maritime transport)
5. Foreigners/expatriates active in National Strategic Projects

Foreigners who can enter the territory must meet the following 3 conditions:
1. Be in possession of a valid health book issued by the Health Authority of the country of origin
2. Not having stayed in the 14 days before the arrival in Indonesia in a country/territory seriously affected by Covid-19
3. Declaration to comply with the 14-day quarantine requirement of the Indonesian government

For more information, we recommend that you contact the Indonesia Embassy in the country you are in.

March 17, 2020
Government Policy In Indonesia Related To People Crossing From And To Indonesia in Corona Times.
Regarding foreign visitors from all countries, the Government of Indonesia has decided that the Visa Free Arrival (BVK), Visa on Arrival and Free Diplomatic / Service Visa policies are suspended for 1 month. Therefore, every foreigner who will visit Indonesia is required to have a Visa from an Indonesian Representative in accordance with the purpose of the visit. When applying for a visa, you must attach a health certificate issued by the health authority in each country.

In addition to the above, there are special policies that concern the following countries;
1. The policy towards China is still valid according to the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs on 2 February 2020.
2. The policy towards South Korea for Daegu City and Gyeongsangbuk-do Province is still in accordance with the Foreign Minister’s statement dated March 5, 2020.
3. Travellers who within the last 14 days visited the countries below are not permitted to enter / transit to Indonesia. These countries are: a. Iran; b. Italy; c. Vatican; d. Spanish; e. France; f. German; g. Switzerland; h. UK
4. All arrivals/travellers must fill out and submit a Health Alert Card to the Port Health Office prior to arrival at the entrance of the Indonesian International Airport. If the travel history shows that in the last 14 days the person concerned has visited these countries, then the person concerned may be refused entry to Indonesia.

The above policy will take effect on Friday 20 March at 00.00 West Indonesia Time. This policy is temporary and will be evaluated in accordance with developments. ** See update 1st of April 2020.

March 17, 2020 – Fastboats and Flights Bali-Lombok
As concerns about the COVID-19 continue to rise, the West Nura Tenggara Government stated that per 17/03/2020 all fast boats are being restricted to operate between Bali, the Gili Islands and Bangsal, Lombok. This is a temporary decision in order to minimize the flow of tourist between these destinations. In the meantime, slow boat / ferry services between Bali and Lombok are operating as usual. Flights between Bali and Lombok – by LionAir and Garuda Indonesia – are still operating as well. Indonesia AirAsia has suspended domestic flights between Bali and Lombok until 21 April 2020. ** See update 24th of April 2020.

March 16, 2020 – The Gili Islands
In response to COVID-19, the Indonesian government has suspended all fast boat services between Bali, the Gili Islands and Lombok starting March 17, 2020. In order to help to stop the virus from spreading, we have decided to suspend as well the private day-trips offered by The Lombok Lodge, as well as our shuttle boat services to the islands, till further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Travelling to Lombok in Corona Times
Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have been monitoring the situation minutely and are doing everything possible to assist you with your upcoming travel plans. The safety and wellbeing of our guests and colleagues is one of our top priorities. In light of the recent cases of coronavirus, we fully understand the concerns around travelling during this time.

Our flexibility on travel in Corona times
As Lombok’s Leading Luxury Hotel – offering the widest range of tailor-made accommodation packages – we also tailor our cancellation conditions for you. Certainly in this time. Because we want you to book your Lombok trip with minimum stress, we guarantee you can change your booking at any time.

Completely removing uncertainty: we simply cannot do that. What we can tell you is we have now 100% flexibility in the cancellation policy for new bookings. For new bookings with stays till September 2021, your hotel arrangement at The Lombok Lodge can be postponed, free of charge, at any time.

Transparency in communication is important here; if you request an accommodation proposal from us, we will inform you of the applicable cancellation policy.

Precautionary Measures
At this point, no employees have shown any symptoms that indicate infection.
We care, more than ever,  for the safety and health of our guests and team members, and have taken the following safety precautions:
– All staff members’ temperatures are checked before entering the premises, and anyone that registers above 36.7° is not allowed to work
– Any staff with flu symptoms are refrained from working
– All guests’ points of contact such as tables, chairs, sofas, bar counter, bar stools and menus are sanitized every morning and after each guest use
– All other areas such as toilets, door handles, kitchen surfaces, electronic devices, etc are sanitized every hour
– We will refrain from handshakes between guests and staff members
– All staff members will wear masks
– The Lombok Lodge Specialized Care Kit including Hand Sanitizers and Masks will be provided with compliments to every in-house guest
– Disinfectant wipes and gloves are available upon request
– Paperless Policy; Room Directory, Room-Service Menus, Spa Menu & Activity Menu by The Lombok Lodge Hotel Application through your own device
– No back-to-back usage of rooms to allow for deeper sanitation practices and changing of pillow protectors and mattress pads between each guest
– Contactless In-Room Dining & Private Dining Options available
– Contactless Payments

The Bright Side
Many experts believe coronavirus cannot stand the sun as nearly all viruses and bacteria cannot survive strong UV radiation. So it never hurts to visit Lombok as soon as times are better and to sunbathe in the Indonesian morning sun!

The Lombok Lodge is keeping a close watch on developments related to the coronavirus.

The exclusive 4N/5D Lombok Post-LockDown Package is now available.
Check it out >

Our hearts go out to those around the world who’ve been impacted by the virus.

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