Rinjani Trekking Season is Back!

30 March 2019

Rinjani National Park opens 1st of April 2019!
Experience the ultimate trekking adventure.

What you should know –

Mount Rinjani is an active volcano, the second largest in Indonesia. The top of Mount Rinjani is the goal of most adventurers. Around the slopes of Rinjani, there are lush forests sprinkled with waterfalls and surrounded by stunning scenery.

Within the mountain is a crescent-shaped lake, the breathtaking Segara Anak which is about 6km across at its widest point. This lake of sulfur is located 600 meters below the crater rim. Rising from the waters of this lake is a new volcano, Mt. Baru, which is a result of a series of eruptions during the 1990s.

Segara Anak is a spiritual place. The Balinese come here each year and perform a ceremony called ‘Pekelan’ where jewelry is placed in the lake as an offering to the mountain spirit. The Wetu Telu people also regard the lake as holy and come here to pray on full moon nights. Segara Anak Lake is located at an altitude of 2,010 meters above sea level and has a shape similar to a crescent moon when seen from the sky. In the area around the lake Segara Anak, there is enough land and flat, so it can be used as an appropriate location to set up a tent, camping, fishing, and the climbers can relax your body with soaking in hot spring water containing sulfur.

The Rinjani Challenge –
The Rinjani trek is a challenging mountain walk and you must be prepared with good equipment, warm and windproof clothing. Rinjani can attract severe storms, lightning, and strong winds. When the weather is settled, the sun is intense and the nights frosty. Parts of the trail are steep and slippery.

Volcanic Hazards –
Although Mt. Rinjani has not erupted in recorded history, Mt.Baru (2,351m) in the crater lake is an active volcano. It last erupted dramatically in 1994. Check the notice boards for recent hazards, and take advice from park staff and guides.

Spring Water –
Freshwater springs are a feature of the trek and determine campsites. Your guide knows where these are. During the drier months (July – September) some springs completely disappear. Park staff and guides constantly monitor these water sources to determine their abundance.

Park Fees –
Fees are included in The Lombok Lodge Rinjani Adventure Package.
Park fees contribute to the protection, maintenance, and management of the national park, Rinjani trek route, village attractions, and visitor facilities.

Guides and Porters –
We work only with professional mountain guide and porters from the nearest villages in the area of Rinjani National Park who has passed the guiding and handling test and holds a valid guide license.

Telephone Communication –
Cell phone (GSM) covers most area of Rinjani National Park. Most guides carry their own mobile phones. Not all cellular operators can be used. Pro XL is recommended.

About The Lombok Lodge Trek Team –
The Lombok Lodge Trek Team is fully operated by a team of young, energetic people who are fanatical about keeping intact, while sharing the natural and cultural environments of the places we visit.

What to bring for your trekking –
Trekking Bag – T-shirts – Shorts – Long trouser – Warm jacket – Raincoat – Personal medication -Torchlight -Camera – Sunblock – Mosquito repellent – Personal toiletries – One plastic bag to cover your bag in case of rain – One plastic bag for wet cloths – Good trekking shoes. Trekking equipment, such as -tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, food, drinks, private mountain guide and local porter, will be provided and are included in The Lombok Lodge Rinjani Adventure Package.

The Lombok Lodge Rinjani Philosophy –
The guiding philosophy behind The Lombok Lodge Rinjani trekking is that each trekking will be environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means impacting as little as possible on the peoples and places we visit, always respecting the distinctiveness and special qualities of each.

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