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Boats to to Gili Islands

Boats to Gili: Discover our Vessels

7 June 2024

Sail Away with Melodies.
Introducing Our Vessels – Sweet Caroline, Mary Lou, and Isa-Bella
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Are you ready to embark on an enchanting day to the beautiful Gili Islands?

Step aboard our vessels, where the sea breeze carries the tunes of classic melodies and the promise of unforgettable adventures. Each boat in our fleet is named after a beloved song, reflecting the harmony and joy that awaits you on your journey. Let’s set sail and discover the soulful melodies of Sweet Caroline, the timeless charm of Mary Lou, and the graceful elegance of Isa-Bella.

As you step onto the deck of Sweet Caroline, you’ll be greeted by the melodic strains of Neil Diamond’s iconic song. Just like the song itself, this boat exudes warmth, camaraderie, and a sense of togetherness. With its cozy seating areas and friendly crew, Sweet Caroline invites you to immerse yourself in the rhythm of the ocean and create cherished memories with fellow travelers. Whether you’re lounging on the sun deck or savoring delicious refreshments in the onboard cafe, every moment aboard Sweet Caroline is a celebration of life, love, and adventure.


Get ready to sway to the gentle rhythm of Mary Lou, named after the classic Ricky Nelson hit. This boat captures the essence of carefree days and endless horizons, inviting you to unwind and let the sea carry you to new discoveries. With its spacious decks and panoramic views, Mary Lou offers the perfect vantage point to admire the breathtaking beauty of the Indonesian archipelago. Whether you’re snorkeling in crystal-clear waters or simply basking in the sun, Mary Lou promises a journey filled with serenity, serendipity, and the simple pleasures of life.


Step into a world of refined elegance aboard Isa-Belle, named after the enchanting song
ST12, an Indonesian Malay pop and rock music group founded in Bandung, West Java in 2004. From its sleek design to its impeccable service, this boat embodies sophistication and grace at every turn. Set sail on Isa-Bella and experience the ultimate indulgence as you explore the pristine waters surrounding the Gili Islands.





Isabella adalah kisah cinta dua dunia
Mengapa kita berjumpa, namun akhirnya terpisah?
Siang jadi hilang ditelan kegelapan malam
Alam yang terpisah melenyapkan sebuah kisah, oh-hoo
Sya-la-la-la-la-la-la, woo-wo-ho, woo-ho
Terbayang lambaiannya salju terbakar kehangatan
Dunia dipenuhi warna berseri bunga cinta
Kita yang terlena hingga musim berubah
Mentari menyepi menyalalah api cinta
Dia Isabella, lambang cinta yang telah lara
Terpisah karena adat yang berbeda
Cinta gugur bersama daun-daun kekeringan
Begitu pahit keadaan ini
Semuanya harus aku terima
Apapun yang terjadi
Hu-hu-hu-hu, hu-hu-hu
Dia Isabella, lambang cinta yang telah lara
Terpisah karena adat yang berbeda
Cinta gugur bersama daun-daun kekeringan
Dia Isabella, lambang cinta yang telah lara
Terpisah karena adat yang berbeda
Cinta gugur bersama daun-daun kekeringan



At The Lombok Lodge Hospitality, we believe that every journey should be accompanied by the perfect soundtrack. That’s why we’ve curated a fleet of vessels that not only transport you to your destination but also elevate your experience with the magic of music. Whether you choose to sail aboard Sweet Caroline, Mary Lou, or Isa-Belle, you’re sure to embark on a trip that resonates with the melodies of your heart.

Let the music guide you as we journey together to the enchanting shores of The Gili Island.
Do not miss Bagno Di Gili, exclusive Beach are & Beach Restaurant at Turtle Point, Gili Meno by The Lombok Lodge Hospitality.

Selamat Jalan!


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