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Surya Sevana at The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel

22 April 2024

Here Comes The Sun!

Sunrise at The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel means Sunrise over mighty Mount Rinjani. Extremely Beautiful. Unique. Truly Special. Full of Glory, Wealth and Bright Light. A magical and memorable experience.

The fascination of sunrises will never get tiring, but there are those special sunrises that you will never forget.
Prepare to be amazed at The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel, Medana Bay, Indonesia!



Ritual and spiritual life in Indonesia is full of meanings and symbols. Those rituals are usually not about an emotion but about a recognition to a God. As per the ancient Hindu scriptures, Morning Sun Worshipping leads to many miraculous benefits and can have a miraculous effect on you.

Surya is a Sanskrit word that means the Sun. Synonyms of Surya in ancient Indian literature include Aditya, Arka, Bhanu, Savitr, Pushan, Ravi, Martanda, Mitra, Bhaskara, Prabhakara and Vivasvan. Surya is depicted with a Chakra, also interpreted as Dharmachakra.
Worshipping the Sun / Lord Surya, is called’ Surya Sevana’ or ‘Surya Namaskar’.



In Hindu mythology, the sun is called the soul of the universe. Through practical perspective, the brightness of the sun gives knowledgeable lessons on how to choose the right path and directions. For science too, sun is a major source of energy and power.

The Lord Surya is considered as the soul of the universe according to Hindu Mythology. The Lord Surya gives knowledge, divinity and performance. Sun rules the health of Heart, hair, head, bones, eyes, and completely overall health related to organs and issues. It is responsible for the motivation, that enthusiasm, that activeness in a human. According to Hindu astrology, Sun is the significator of the soul. That is why the Hindu people in India do offer water to sun.

As per the science, the Lord Sun is also the major source of power, light and energy. It is impossible to lead a life without the Sun. If the Sun sets for a longer span of time, then the whole world will be glacier and there will be no trace of life on the earth. Similarly, if the lord Surya remains in the sky for 120 hours instead of 12 hours, then the whole world will get extinct.

As per the practical perspective, it is believed that regular offering of water to the sun makes you disciplined, it maintains the body, & mind and keeps your spirit in balance. Worshipping the sun every day – and especially on Sun-Days – by chanting “Om Surya Namah” mantra – leads to all pleasures, good health and wealth in life.



A mantra is a divine combination of syllables or sounds which when chanted with devotion, faith and emotion call upon the concerned God or Goddess or deity and secure their divine blessings.

Using a Morning Mantra as ‘Surya Sevana’ sets a tone for how you’ll view and respond to the world throughout the day. Reciting the Surya Mantra and the word ‘Om’ is extremely helpful as a breathing exercise and it helps in concentrating and focussing your thoughts.

Morning mantras set a positive intention for where your focus and energy should be, empowering you to maintain that mindset throughout the day. Mantras – in addition to meditation and conscious breathing – are ways to internalize and harness your positive consciousness. Your true nature!
Chanting a morning mantra is an easy yet powerful way to invoke positivity and set an intention for a beautiful day. You have the power to control your thoughts and create your reality. You’ll notice a positive shift in your mood, mind state during the entire day.



Our body has a great need for colours, as these are vital for the well-being of the different parts of our body system. It may surprise many to know that several parts of the human body have different colours. Our nerves are blue, the heart is red, kidneys and pancreas are brownish, the bones are white, and the brain nerves are in rainbow colours.

The rays of the sun are white, but when passed through a medium, they get broken into their basic hues. When we offer water or jal in the morning to the rising sun in the prescribed manner, the sheet of water falling on to the ground works as a medium to split the sun’s rays into a spectrum of colours and enters our body to benefit us.

Sun is the most important body in our universe. Our universe is alive and thriving because of sun. Sun is portrayed as riding a chariot driven by seven horses. These horses represent the seven Human body Chakras and rainbow colors. Human Body has seven main chakras, Root, Sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra. They are the energy center of our body.

When we offer water to Sun the spectrum of sun rays refract through the water, it breaks down into seven colors. The energy emanating from these rays of different colors is absorbed by the body, and balances any dosha in the body. As a result we automatically gain ‘water therapy of sun rays.

Receiving solar energy in this manner taps a natural source of Mother Nature for our benefit, with no side effects. Hindu scriptures state that the ultraviolet rays of the sun destroy the bacteria of several deadly diseases.

Besides curing and watering off diseases, one improves ones eyesight too by worshipping the Sun God Surya.



Why is it important to have a routine in sync with the nature and sun?
Morning rituals can not only help you have a great day but also create a happy life and thus a peaceful, technology free morning routine in order to find some time for yourself.

The first three hours of the morning are vital, by that we don’t mean the first three hours from when you wake up but the time before sunrise and after sunrise. According to ancient scripts it is firmly believed that man must act or perform any actions according to the nature/sun. Brahma muhurat (the creator’s hour) is the time which starts 1 hour 36 min before sunrise and ends 48min after sunrise. It is the most appropriate time for yoga and meditation. This morning routine can be divided into three parts/three hours according to Ayurveda.

Start your day two hours prior sunrise and the first thing you do when you wake up is to think about what happened the previous day. It helps you build your memory, visualize, prepares you for the day, helps you welcome the day with a grateful heart and carry the aura of positivity.

The second thing to do in the morning is to hydrate yourself, drink at-least three glasses of water, have small sips of water and hold it inside the mouth for the next few seconds, slowly breath in and out and then swallow, continue doing this for the next 20 min. This neutralizes the PH level in water, when naturally the body is more acidic in the morning this method will help alkalize your body (add a lemon wedge to the water).

Take a good shower after a light exercise. Use anything natural like coconut milk as aroma therapy. Give your morning a great start by using an essential oil with a fresh and calming smell. Bathing will help you concentrate while performing Surya Sevana. It also helps in purifying the thoughts in your mind.

While you are done with all this the sun is ready to rise, so get outside feel the fresh air and let the brand new sun rays touch your skin. This will also help you gain some amount of vitamin D.

You need to have some easily available products to offer water to the Sun that will have a miraculous effect on your health, wealth, knowledge, power and position. These products are a copper pot, small pieces of jaggery, a pinch of rice and Roli (Puja Sindur) and clean water. Put all these sacred products in the water available in the pot. Then offer the water to the Sun God by chanting the Surya Sevana Morning Mantra till the water gets finished.

Rules to follow for offering water to Sun

– Don’t look directly to the Lord Surya while offering water. Face towards the Sun rising in the east, not to the rising sun.
– Stand facing the sun with a copper vessel full of water.  Hold the vessel at a level between the sun and your eyes – at height of forehead – and stretch hands towards Surya. Then pour out the water slowly to the ground, allowing the suns rays to pass through the sheet of water falling on the ground. The rays of the sun, while passing through the offered water, will break into their basic colours and all on the face and thus enter the body of the person offering the water to benefit him spiritually as well as physically. ** Some people hold the view that the water vessel should be hold at chest level.
– See the rays and Sun in the flow of water that you are creating while reciting the Surya Sevana Mantra.
– Once you have finished offering the water, meditate in Sunlight for five to seven minutes.
– Pray ‘Lord Surya’ to forgive you for the mistakes you have done.
– Pray ‘Lord Surya’ to bless you with health, wealth and prosperity.
– Pray ‘Lord Surya’ to make your eyesight powerful.
– Pray ‘Lord Surya’ to make you glorified like him.

* Surya Sevana should be performed bare foot. During the ritual ensure water doesn’t fall on your feet. Use clothes washed & fresh, no repeated clothes to be worn. Red and Yellow & white clothes fetch more benefits. Avoid Black.

The important thing to do at this hour is to have a good breakfast. Have ‘The Lombok Lodge Surya Sevana’ Morning Tea, full with organic herbs from our Organic Tea Garden, at The Lombok Lodge Hotel, Medana Bay, which detoxify your body – to start your breakfast. Continue with one of our super healthy breakfast choices at our breakfast restaurant.

No better place at Lombok Island for a healthy breakfast than at The Lombok Lodge Hospitality!



The ‘Surya Sevana’ Ritual is the key missing in people’s life nowadays and will provide you with the perfect balance of mind and body.
Daily performance of Surya Sevana is believed to be the secret of a successful life. The beautiful ritual of ‘Surya Sevana’ will change many things magically within 7 days of practice in life.

Listen to The Lombok Lodge Chant Mantra and set powerful intentions for a Beautiful Day

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