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Lombok Sustainable Crafts by The Lombok Lodge Collection

The Lombok Lodge Collection – Sustainable Crafts

13 June 2024

Created by the community, for the community.

At both the The Lombok Lodge Boutiques, as well as at our Gili Island Concept Store and at our online shop, we support the many talented eco-artisans in Lombok. Only sustainable and environmentally-friendly productions are offered, all with a strong focus on involving women and communities in poverty.



From Coconut Cutlery and Coco Candles to Coco Bowls and Jewelry, our Coconut Eco-Artisans reinvent the possibility of the humble coconut every day.

From cheeky planters to exquisite vases, The Lombok Lodge Pottery Artisan will have the right product for your design style and give you chance to bring home a piece of Lombok history.

The Lombok Lodge talented ‘Weaving Artisan’ offers one-of-a-kind handmade products out of handwoven textiles using natural dyes, all while empowering women in the Sembalun Valley Village, East Lombok.

A trendy tree trunk as decoration. An authentic Lombok tree stump as a multifunctional bedside table. Wooden wall decoration. Tableware which reminds you to your stay at Lombok Island. Handmade from Lombok Island. Multifunctional. Made with lots of Love. The Perfect Gift.

Did you know the beautiful Frangipani Flowers originate from the ‘Plumeria Rubra’ – also called the Temple Tree or ‘Frangipani Tree’. The Temple Tree is a very hard worker when it comes to ‘Making Flowers’. Buddhists see the Frangipani Tree as a Symbol of Immortality

Signature collection of Kopper Water Jugs, Wine Coolers, Cocktail Mug and more.

Pure & Super Healthy from our Organic Gardens & Bee Farm. Tailor made to your preferences
Made To Order. 100%Fresh  – 100%Organic
Read our Blog Post about Lombok Seasalt, Black Ground Pepper and last but not least Lombok Chili.



The intimate relationship we have with a finite natural resource like clay has formed our relationship with the environment. We’re committed to sustainability, always finding ways to minimize our footprint and make a positive difference.

While Lombok is celebrated for its rich heritage in arts and crafts, our exclusive Hotel Crockery line is crafted in collaboration with Kevala Bali.

Kevala is a Sanskrit name that translates to whole, perfect and complete. It forms the essence of our Kevala’s ethos. For the past 17 years, Kevala has flourished among the deep-rooted artisanal traditions of Balinese culture. We are proud partners and happy to support Kevala’s dedicated team of specialised potters, painters, carvers, designers, and artists.



Little Gifts, with Lots of Love from beautiful Lombok. Because sometimes ‘the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

All products from ‘The Lombok Lodge Collection’ are organic. Created by local Lombok craftsmen who are passionate about creating unique and original works.

At The Lombok Lodge Hospitality we cooperate with local communities – woman & man around Lombok – and evolve their skills and talents, into processing coconuts toward ECO products. Paying ethically, giving jobs and improving the local people’s lifestyle.

All our products are conscious toward our planet, making it through sustainable process with strong vision of using biodegradable materials, eco friendly process and hand skills of our artisans.


Owner & Co-Founder of The Lombok Lodge Hospitality ®

Call: +62 (0)851 00622 926


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