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Coconut White umbrellas at The Lombok Lodge Boutique Hotel

A Gift of Wanderlust I Fifty & Fabulous on Lombok

24 January 2024

January 24, 2024 – A Day that will Forever be Etched in my Memories as a Passionate Hotelier
January 24, 2024 – The Day a Dream Turned into Reality

Picture This: A sun-kissed, pristine beach, the gentle rustling of palm leaves, and the turquoise waters of idyllic Gili Meno Island stretching as far as the eye can see. Now, add the thrill of exploration, The Lombok Lodge Hospitality Services, Chef Jiwa’s brand new OFYR Grill Table Creations, and the Comfort of your own Private Luxury ‘Nature Home without Walls.

For my 50th Birthday, 24th of January 2024, ‘A Gift of Wanderlust’ has been offered by my loving husband Ben: The Bagno Di Gili Tented Rooftop Villa. An exclusive Sanctuary where Luxury Nomad’s and Traveler’s Hearts can truly find solace.  

I am happy to share this very special ‘Gift of Wanderlust’ soon with you, dear guest!
Trust the ‘Bagno Di Gili Tented Rooftop Villa’ will be a true masterpiece and soon be open for bookings.

Ben and myself can’t wait to welcome you to this exceptional haven.




The Bagno Di Gili Beach Tent will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It will be not just a tent; it will be a Total Experience. From the moment will you step inside, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty and serenity of nature, without sacrificing an ounce of luxury.

Wake up to Breathtaking Sunrises.
Step out onto the Soft, Golden Sands.
Enjoy the Calming Rhythm of the Waves serenading your Senses.
Savor exclusive Beach Dining under the clear, starry skies.
Sleep in unparalleled comfort, cradled by the Sound of the Ocean and the whispering Breezes.

Explore The Gili Islands with ease. The Bagno Di Gili Beach Tent will be your Gateway to a unique Island Retreat.


The best of Lombok and Gili including private boat service Lombok-Gili Meno by return


Embark on a captivating journey that seamlessly weaves together the charm of MEDANA BAY, the enchanting experience of GILI MENO Glamping, and the pristine beauty of GONDANG BEACH –





Mark your calendar for June 24, 2024, as this will be the day of the official opening! Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic Gili escape or a family in search of a unique family bonding experience, the brand-new Bagno Di Gili Rooftop Tented Villa awaits you for more than just a vacation. We await you for a Celebration of ‘Life and Love’ at one of the World’s most Exquisite Destinations #GiliMeno #Lombok



Owner & Co-Founder of The Lombok Lodge Hospitality ®

Call: +62 (0)851 00622 926


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