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When Should You Travel to Lombok?

30 June 2022

Travel Advice by Boutique Hotel The Lombok Lodge –

When are the best times to come?

Lombok has become one of Indonesia’s most popular destinations. The island is easy to get to, and stunningly beautiful. The island is in high demand, but when are the best times to come?

Lombok Peak Seasons

During the peak season, you’ll find Lombok, and especially the Gili Islands, at its most buzzing and energetic. June-August, during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, and December & January, when just about everyone is off school or has a Christmas break from work, are the busiest months.

During these months you’ll want to book your fast boat or plane ticket, as well as somewhere to stay in advance. The Lombok Lodge is often fully booked during these times, so get in touch to book as soon as possible.

As the island has also become a desirable destination for domestic tourists and ex-pats there are also other times you might find the island very busy. Idul Fitri, the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting and the period of Chinese New Year (January/February) are usually busy as well.
There is also the Balinese New Year or Nyepi holiday that falls in or around March every year. This is a time when lots of ex-pats and non-Hindus like to get away from Bali and enjoy some downtime in the sun.

Lombok Low Season

The wet season starts around October and lasts until March. During this time (apart from Christmas and New Year), you’ll probably find Lombok a little quieter. In fact, it usually rains a little in the afternoon and is blue skies for the rest of the day. The great thing about the low season is that the beaches are quieter and prices are slightly lower.


Visibility when snorkeling or diving might be slightly less than in the dry season, but you can expect visibility of around 30 meters most of the year. The currents can also be a little stronger in December and January, but your dive instructors will be able to talk to you about your skill level and ensure the dives aren’t too much for you.


The waters in the Lombok Strait can be beautifully calm and they can also get pretty bumpy. It’s often best to get on a morning boat from Padang Bai, as the water usually gets rougher as the day goes on. Also, July and August when the southern winds blow are the bumpiest months, so if you get seasick easily you should be prepared with medicine or even book a flight to Lombok instead.

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