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Aloe Vera & Ayurveda in Lombok

2 December 2022


Relieve stress and begin your rejuvenation in Lombok. Indulge mind and body with ancient Asian traditions and spiritual influences at The Lodge Spa. At The Lombok Lodge Frangipani Spa, luxurious treatment and total relaxation are provided by a team of five therapists. The Lodge Spa Menu offers a series of complete treatments of ancient traditions, modern approaches and spiritual influences; natural facials, Balinese massages, healthy & herbal body wraps, hot stone treatments and O.P.I mani- and pedicure.

Delighted  to share more details about two of my favorite treatments; The Lombok Lodge Aloe Vera Bodywrap Treatment & The Lombok Lodge Ayurveda Massage.



Did you ever wondered why the Aloe Vera plant is so valuable? The healing and therapeutic properties of Aloe Vera are well known and applied for centuries by the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Romans, and Ayurveda even included it in the so-called „golden order” of the 50 most healing plants.

The healing power of aloe is due to the rich variety of more than 75 useful substances. Aloe Vera has long, fleshy leaves with thorns, which is why it is often confused with cactus, but the truth is that it belongs to the family of lilies. The interesting thing is that, although it is most widely spread in Asia, South America, Africa and Southern Europe, the plant can grow almost anywhere in the world; because it’s not needy, it doesn’t require special conditions for cultivation, and it can receive the necessary nutritional substances and moisture just from the air.

Because of this, combined with its extraordinary properties, it is one of the most accessible and curative plants on the planet. However, it is important to know that there are more than 240 types of aloe, but not all of them have healing properties. Of all types, only 3 – 4 have therapeutic properties, and only one of them – Aloe Vera Barbadenis – has the power to heal us.


In Sanskrit, Aloe Vera is called Ghrita – Kumari, which means „young girl”. This name is given to it because the Vedas believed that the plant gives the woman youth and it has a regenerating effect on the females. According to ancient holistic medicine, Aloe Vera has 4 of the six Ayurvedic tastes: bitter, stiff, spicy and sweet. The taste after digestion (vipaka) is sweet, and the effect – cooling.

Aloe is one of the few plants that have a pure bitter taste. Although, as it was already described, it contains other flavors; in terms of the healing properties, the bitter taste (together with the stiff taste) is the most valuable, and in aloe this taste is stronger than in other ones.
Aloe juice has balancing effects on all three doshas, but its effect is stronger on Pita dosha.
The Ayurvedic medicine places this healing plant in the group of the satvic foods, which means that it can be used in a satvic diet by people who are engaged in spiritual practices, striving for improvement.


Aloe Vera is a powerful Ayurvedic medicine, that is applied both internally and externally.

Heals skin problems – ALOE VERA is the recommended healing plant for treatment of various skin conditions, such as wounds, insect stings, bruises and eczema. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Aloe Vera hels to increase blood flow to the affected area, thus helping the healing process. Moreover, the plant stimulates the skin cells that are responsible for wound healing and helps collagen production – a protein that controls the skin aging process.

Improves the function of the digestive system – One of the greatest benefits of ALOE VERA is its beneficial effect on the digestive system. Due to the high content of enzymes, as well to the anti-inflammatory effect of some of its contents, aloe is absolutely priceless for people who have problems with the digestive system. The use of aloe juice resolves a wide range of digestive diseases, as it helps detoxification of the digestive system, improves the digestion and the function of the kidneys, the liver and the gallbladder.
Due to its antiviral properties, Aloe Vera helps the healing of diabetic wounds that take a long time to heal. The capillary expanding property of the plant increases blood flow and speeds up skin recovery.

Helps the proper functioning of the reproductive system, blood circulation and the liver – ALOE VERA is an excellent tonic for the liver, spleen, the reproductive and circulatory system. The chromium contained in the aloe is beneficial to patients who have problems with blood circulation and with the cardiovascular system. It has been found that the use of high concentrations of Aloe gel stimulates the production of white blood cells in the body. The classical Ayurvedic medicine uses fermented gel of aloe to produce tonic herbal wine, to be used as medicine for the treatment of patients that have anemia, problems with the digestive system, as well to heal a variety of female reproductive problems and liver diseases.

Strengthens the immune system – The healing plant is a great immune stimulator for those who have chronic immune diseases such as polysaccharides or fibromyalgia, because the polysaccharides in the aloe juice stimulate the macrophages and the white blood cells that fight viruses. In addition to the fact that it strengthens the immune system, Aloe Vera is also a great detofixier, as well it is very useful nutritional supplement for patients before and after surgery. Aloe juice is also useful for diseases such as type II diabetes, arthiritis, eye diseases, tumors, enlargement of the spleen, liver complaints, vomiting, bronchitis, asthma, jaundice and ulcers.

Heals constipation, maintains good pH of the stomach, helps healing of inflammatory bowel diseases, dyspepsia, stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Hydrates and strengthens hair and scalp – As it nourishes the hair in depth, by providing the necessary vitamins and minerals, Aloe Vera is also used in Ayurveda to nourish hair and deal with itchy scalp. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, aloe is also very effective for dandruff fighting. Moreover, the enzymes contained in the gel of aloe, eliminate the dead cells of the scalp, as well help the quick recovery of the skin tissue around the hair follicles.

Detoxifies the organism – ALOE VERA is a wonderful natural remedy for detoxification of the body. Since we need to clean our systems from time to time, because of the unhealthy life that we live, the regular use of aloe juice provides a rich coctail of vitamins, minerals and microelements, that help our organs cope with stress and tension.

Improves heart function – ALOE VERA juice is very useful for cardiovascular problems, problems of blood and blood vessels, associated with the imbalance of Pita dosha. The Ayurvedic medicine uses aloe for treatment of hypertension, hypotension, bleeding, anemia and other.

Reduces cholesterol levels – Cholesterol is a silent killer, that prevents blood circulation and clogs the arteries. Causes for high cholesterol may be many – from poor nutrition, to immobilization, or genetic predisposition.

No matter the reasons, however, ALOE VERA can deal with it!

| 990++ (60 minutes) / 1 190++ (90 minutes)
Based on the philosophy of health and lifestyle that treats the whole person and not just the symptoms.

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Taken from the Sanskrit (the ancient language of India), ayurvera translates as ‘knowledge of life’ and can be interpreted as priceless wisdom. Ayurvera is an ancient lifestyle practice which aims to create harmony within the body. It is based on the philosophy of health and lifestyle that treats the whole person and not just the symptoms.

The word “ayurveda” is a Sanskrit compound: ayu, meaning “life,” and veda, meaning “knowledge.” Sometimes translated as “science of life,” Ayurveda lays out a complete mind-body prescription for healthy living that includes a dietetic regimen and a body of herbal healing techniques.

When you get right down to it, balance is the keystone of Ayurveda. The philosophy holds that there are three basic constitutions, or doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha—that make up our physical, mental, and emotional selves. One dosha usually dominates, but ideally the three exist in harmony.

Dosha: The Central Concept
. A dosha is akin to the Western idea of constitution, a bodily principle that determines physiology and personality. Ayurvedic belief holds that there are three doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha. Everyone has all three, but in varying degrees. (It’s rare for a person to have equal amounts of each one.) One dosha is usually dominant, but it changes as we age, with kapha preeminent during childhood, pitta from puberty to middle age, and vata taking over at around 55. When the doshas are in harmony, a person is healthy.

VATA – The ruling elements are air and ether (or space). Characteristics: very short or tall and thin, dry skin, creative, restless, excitable. Irregularity in action and fluctuation in thought are characteristic of this personality.
PITTA – The ruling elements are fire and water. Characteristics: well-built, good digestion and metabolism, intelligent, bold, hot-tempered. Tend to be perfectionists.
KAPHA – The ruling elements are water and earth. Characteristics: heavyset, slower-moving, slower digestion, calm, forgiving, reliable, envious, possessive.

When the doshas get out of balance, illness can result. According to believers, Ayurveda’s lifestyle guidelines keep the doshas in equilibrium and the herbal remedies and proper diet realign them. It’s an approach that’s remarkably in line with current thinking about healthy living, as well as increasing scientific evidence that the mind and body interact to maintain health and fight disease.

Because Ayurveda concentrates on wellness, it picks up another contemporary tailwind—skepticism toward and frustration with Western medicine. Yoga, meditation, and massage are key components, and for devotees, there’s even Ayurvedic astrology and Ayurvedic architecture (à la feng shui). Ayurveda aficionados believe that the system was intuited from the divine by rishis, or seers, five millennia ago. It remains India’s traditional system of health care (and is often the backdrop to Western care)—with an estimated 80 percent of the population practicing it!

A Y U R V E D A – M A S S A G E
| 990++ (60 minutes) / 1 190++ (90 minutes)
Based on the philosophy of health and lifestyle that treats the whole person and not just the symptoms.

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Invest in your body, your soul will thank you!

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